Friday, July 10, 2009

making money from affiliates program

During this time, if you see Google AdSense earning, I rarely pay attention in detail on the income from Google Referral. Number only to see it, and I prefer to see the details of income and Link Ads Unit Unit, but after a long time so I think back on the contribution of colleagues who use my affiliate link to sign up to Google AdSense.

Google AdSense Services affiliate to provide earning U.S. $ 5 for the link to get a referral every U.S. $ 5 in the first quarter since he signed up. Earning this will be the U.S. $ 250 if referral to get U.S. $ 100 in the first quarter.
Experience when I first signed up AdSense, the value of U.S. $ 5 in the first quarter is not the value of which is difficult, especially when we already have a website / blog is established. Blog that this already has good traffic but the visitors never make it as thinking to monetize the blog.

I remember, when you first sign up Google AdSense, the value of earning the first month that I get is about U.S. $ 10. Register with my blog to Google AdWords and learn about the lay-out,AdSense optimization and create a new blog created specifically, the value can be expected to increase from month to month.

Referral Back to the matter, I have the typical behavior when you have not signed up Adsense. I always avoid the link on a blog that refers to the affiliate. If I register, I will immediately register on the website link service provider. I would be able to help colleagues who affiliate link I click to get through referral earning earlier. If I get this income from the registration and in the end also provide income referrer on me, as it is thanks.

Oh, of course, I do not intend to request this article for readers quick to click on the link referral me, hehehe ... This is only explanation paradigm only.

Top considerations "We are lucky lucky nation" I will try to help colleagues use the affiliate link when I register on the AdSense service. This assistance in the form of tips, AdSense tips, ranging from registration to the optimization blog / website, of course, a knowledge that I have. Tips provided, of course, in the sense of positive tips, because the AdSense should hold the philosophy of Google, "Do not be evil" in the causes of AdSense earning.

Whether to install AdSense can provide a large income? Can ya can not. I use AdSense with a simple reason, I want to pay for activities in both the blog and surf the Internet without having to use the income from work. If the income achieved by the current I exceeds expectations, it is as a blessing in disguise. The unexpected blessing.

One thing to remember, never use an inappropriate (or a spammer trick visitors blog) for use AdSense. Trust, though not until banned by Google, what you do will not be successful in the long term. Do not think to take a shortcut to get revenue from Google AdSense.

submit you're articles to webdirectory

If we want to find something to use the internet, one thing that appears in our minds is a Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo. When this pattern is part of the search for people, especially who have internet access, has changed. Society now less likely to use search engines to start browsing the internet.

But the actual search engine is not the only virtual sky ruler this. If you want to find a site that is included in a category, then you can use a facility that may have been a little neglected, a web directory.

Web directory is a collection of sites that are sorted based on hierarkism category. Web directory itself many types. There are specialized for a particular area, there are also sites that specialize Gossip, or web directory that is created jointly by the user like Wikipedia, and so forth.

An example of a web directory is the Open Directory Project is an open content directory which used to have a domain Open Directory Project organized and developed by volunteers and a web directory to be the biggest.

An example is Best of the Web, a web directory that lists the various sites that commercial or not. Best of the Web is run by the company and use the editor, professional editor and has several branch offices.

Web directory is also a way to promote your site also. You can enter your site into a web directory. Happy browsing.