Monday, May 18, 2009

Theme Builder V2.5 Eng Modified DOTSIS TEAM

Theme Builder V2.5 Eng Modified DOTSIS TEAM

Now make Themes in your phone.

Theme Builder is a Software to build theme Right in your phone no need of PC.

Theme Builder v2.5

Theme Builder V2.5 Eng Modified DOTSIS TEAM

Icon Patch

Note:Installing time :1 hour 30 minute
space req: 20 mb

packing time : 1 hour and x time.
So,try to pack at night only.

First install,Theme Builder then Icon patch.

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Unbeleiveable new tehnology (Screen FTP)

Get ready to hear the news of extreme technology. The news is that you can transfer files or data from your computer
to your mobile

without bluetooth

without infrared

without wap or stuff like that


with the support of your monitor and cell phone camera.

Ya it's true, this new technology encodes the data present in your PC and uses your monitor rays to transfer to your phone. You need a symbian camera phone. Install the software which I'm going to provide you and open a website on computer. . Now upload files on this site and open mobile software SFTP. Hold your phone in front of monitor to transfer files to cell phone. Try it. Will definitely work on s60 v2 handsets.

Note : As it's the start of this technology, the speed is slow yet. Will improve with time.